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John Kennedy is not a typical Congressional candidate.


After nearly two decades in Nashville's music industry, a tragedy set him on a new course. The mass shooting at The Covenant School in late March of 2023 took place just a few miles from where the Kennedy's son attends daycare.

"Every school shooting is heinous and impossible to understand," John explains. "But, this time, due to the proximity of the horror and being new parents, it affected us differently." 


John and his wife, Ashley, are both believers in the Second Amendment but the loosening of responsible firearms laws has made this world a dangerous place to raise a child.

It did not take long to identify the problem and John began traveling and meeting people across the TN-6 district. “We need politicians to be making decisions based on what is good for our kids, not what lobbyists or party platforms demand.” Telling his story of frustration with the status quo, and his vision for change, to groups large and small quickly had audiences asking him to run.


John has made Tennessee home for nearly half his life, a deliberate choice of where he wants  to raise his family. The son of a veteran and the grandson of an immigrant, his experience of working with people to find common ground is the elixir Washington needs right now.


"I spent thirteen years as a booking agent. That's a lot of experience negotiating and selling millions of dollars of entertainment and dealing with huge personalities and egos."​ The conversations were rarely easy but the outcomes had to work for both parties. “In order for people to get work, the deals had to work. There was no punting problems down the road for someone else to deal with later.”


“I might not be a typical politician on paper but I believe, with my experience, I am positioned to excel in the political arena and bring the change Americans and Tennesseans are demanding.”



Responsible Gun Reform

I believe firmly in the Second Amendment. However, gun violence in this country is out of control. I pledge to support national legislation for  Extreme Risk Protection Orders, comprehensive background checks, mandatory waiting periods, and safe storage laws. 

The Economy

Tennessee's 6th Congressional District has been left behind in our State's incredible growth. Why are all the new jobs (tech, manufacturing, etc.) going to other parts of the state?  If  elected, I won't be "asleep on the job" and will fight like hell to bring good paying jobs to the 6th.

Personal Freedoms

I believe the government needs to get out of the business of attempting to regulate our bodies. A conversation between doctor and patient should be just that. We do not need politicians interfering in our decisions. I believe in ending this new era of government overreach.

Seniors' Issues

A society is only as good as it protects its most vulnerable. Our seniors deserve to live comfortably and with excellent health care. I believe we must protect and expand Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid.  This is not an option, it is our duty.

The Environment

Climate Change is real and we need to do everything in our power to reverse and/or diminish the harmful impact we are having on the world. We must hold our allies accountable and lead the charge into the future with renewable energy.


I believe being you, in truest sense is the most American thing a person can do. In a more legal sense, it is a First Amendment right that all LGBTQIA+ be allowed to live in accordance with their wishes.  


A country that is willing to send soldiers into battle must be willing to take care of them when they return.  Too many of our bravest women and men are ignored by our elected leaders in Washington and there is no excuse for it.

Rural Health Care

We need to work with the Federal Government to help bring state-of-the-art medical facilities back to  rural America. I plan to fight for a pilot program in our district to profitably find ways for my constituents to not have to travel to Nashville or Knoxville to see a doctor. 


I believe education is a national security issue. An uneducated populace is a vulnerable populace. We must work to strenghthen our public schools and support our incredible teachers. We must enact a national moratorium on book banning and respect the freedom to think and learn.

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